May 5: Solving the Case

“Mysteries abound where most we seek for answers.” 

Ray Bradbury

Hi everyone! Happy Week 4! 

Detectives have been wrapping up their training this week by solving their biggest mystery yet–Ms. Amanda was kidnapped and the other guides were all suspects! Learners had to practice their fingerprint, footprint, and handwriting analysis skills as they studied the crime scene and tried to crack the case. They also got a chance to try out witness interviews. Most of them were successful in identifying the culprit, but it wasn’t without its challenges.

In other areas of school life, the Mai-coh Studio held a sleepover at the church this week, which turned out to be a big source of anticipation and bonding. Movies, hide and seek in the dark, and dance parties ensued. 

The school year is astoundingly close to winding down!  Next week we’ll invite you to our Session 6 exhibition, where you’ll be the ones solving the case with a crime scene written and created by the learners. After our week off, we’ll come back for a quick four-week session to finish up the year!

Overheard in the Studios This Week

C, while grilling Gabe, who was a suspect in this week’s case: What size are your fingers?

Gabe: Normal sized.


“That’s my right amount of pain.” J, describing a trip to the hospital for stitches after a game of floor is lava. 

“Fun comes with the cost.” – W

“Once upon a time, there was a platypus that ate a bus.” -H

Questions We’ve Explored This Week  

  • What role does pain play in life? 
  • Would you rather focus on the end result of a journey or the present moment? 

Upcoming Events

  • Our Session 6 exhibition will be held Thursday, May 11, at 10:00! Come ready to solve a mystery! 

More Fun Pictures From This Week

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