Students from Acton Academy East Mountains private school visiting Carlito Springs Open Space in Tijeras, New Mexico. They stand on the edge of a small pool of water with the Manzanito mountains in the background.

May 26: “Nobody’s Free Until Everybody’s Free”

Learners at Acton Academy East Mountains private school in Cedar Crest, New Mexico writing a story on a large piece of paper.

“Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.”

Fannie Lou Hamer

Welcome to the last session of our founding year, wolf pack families!

Big changes this week! As you likely know, The Gaudreault family has moved on to other adventures, so we’re ending the year just as we began it–all one studio. The transition has been bumpy, exciting, and powerful this week as learners have tackled crafting the kind of studio they want to be a part of. One of the biggest ways they have done this is by taking charge of their own schedules! Navigating the creation of a new culture with many different opinions, needs, and talents involved can be a herculean task, but the learners are really stepping up and taking ownership! 

A girl standing barefoot in a mud puddle.

This session, our quest is to design and create an entry for the pride parade. Next week, we’ll vote on the winning design, then spend our third week getting ready to march in the parade! This week, learners have been studying heroes who have stood up against injustice in the past. Some of the favorite heroes they’ve shared have been Rosa Parks, Fannie Lou Hamer, Belva Ann Lockwood, and Harvey Milk. 

Overheard in the Studios This Week

  • “We could make the sign happy.” J, on how to tweak the studio’s new name, The Pit of Forgotten Souls, to make it more befitting of a growth mindset. 
  • “Your conscience isn’t free.” S, in response to “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.” 

Questions We’ve Explored This Week  

  • Why is it important to incorporate play into your daily life? What does play look like for you? What is the relationship between play and work? 
  • When is a time you have stood up for something you thought was unfair? What makes it hardest for you to do this: risking damaging relationships, risking your own personal safety, worrying your effort will be useless, or something else? 
  • What does it mean to be free in a society? 

Upcoming Events

  • As part of our quest this session, we will be marching in the pride parade on Saturday, June 10! More details to come. 
  • Our final exhibition will be held Thursday, June 15, at 10:00 a.m.

More Fun Pictures From This Week

A log with holes and a crack giving the illusion of a smiling face.
Learners at Acton Academy East Mountains private school in Cedar Crest, New Mexico playing outside.
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