Learner Experiences

Six week sprints

Our curriculum is divided into six-week sessions during which learners go on play-based quests. Learners might become a NASA scientist trying to solve a problem in space, a gardener trying to win a lettuce-growing competition, or a zookeeper acquiring mythical creatures for an other-wordly zoo. Whatever the quest, the adventure is guaranteed.

Time outside

We believe one of the biggest deficits of mainstream education is the scarcity of time outside, and we take advantage of our beautiful East mountain location to enjoy the outdoor spaces this area has to offer as much as we can. Most days, we are outside for 2-3 hours.

Social/Emotional Focus

We focus on the life skills that help children thrive throughout their lives–like collaboration, growth mindset, time management, and innovative thinking.

Camping Trips

We do an annual end-of-year family campout that builds community and creates lasting memories for learners.

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