About Us

Acton Academy East Mountains is a private entrepreneurial micro school for grades K-8 that is focused on sustainability, community, critical thinking, and self-direction. This campus’s outdoor-centric design makes it a unique experience.

We are located in Cedar Crest, close to the National Forest yet only 10 minutes from I-40 and Tramway.  Learn more about our location.

Our Story

Sometimes, life takes a sudden turn and what was a straightforward journey becomes an epic call to adventure.   Answering that call began our hero’s journey toward opening an Acton Academy here in the East Mountains.

The school we feel called to create is a place where everyone can come just as they are and be welcomed, celebrated, and loved.  We want a place where every learner who walks through the door feels supported in finding their own unique drive and passion. We want a place where being in community is an integral part of the learning experience. This is why we chose the timber wolf as our mascot and why we often refer to our learners as a “pack”.   A pack is made up of individuals with common purpose who look out for one another.

In addition to the pack mentality, our school is built on two vital elements for human learning:  play and time in nature.

Play is an art that is slowly being lost in our culture, despite neuroscience research that shows its necessity. At Acton Academy East Mountains, we embrace play as the vehicle through which children learn.

We believe that connecting with nature is a critical part of the human experience and that modern society is pulling us farther away from this connection with our planet. Because of this, our school is focused on nurturing this connection for learners. Being outside and learning through the natural world will be a foundational element of the wolves’ experience.

We are thrilled to be embarking on this journey with a talented and experienced team of adult guides, but also with a group of eight founding wolves who come to us from an established Acton studio.   We have an incredible foundation for creating the best possible environment for the East Mountain Pack to learn and grow.  The only thing missing is you.  Do you hear the call?

~KaLee and Gabriel Lee

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