Learners at Acton Academy East Mountains private school near Albuquerque, New Mexico playing on the playground outside.

April 28: “…And His Least Favorite Food is Cardboard”

Learners at Acton Academy East Mountains near Albuquerque, New Mexico playing outside on the playground.

To acquire knowledge one must study, but to acquire wisdom one must observe.

Marilyn Vos Savant

Hey everybody! Happy Friday! 

Did you know bugs can help us solve crimes? Learners have been exploring forensic entomology this week to try to help them solve the case of a missing chicken! They’ve also been sharpening their observation and analysis skills through a series of experiments involving decomposition and microbial science.  

In addition to detective-skills-sharpening, learners have been reflecting on (and recovering from) their business fair experiences, trying to tackle their remaining badges, and enjoying the sunshine!

Overheard in the Studios This Week

Ryan, the new guide at Acton East Mountains, observing the learners (from his back on the ground, apparently to capture interesting photos of them jumping from the swing set).

As we welcome our new guide, Ryan, into the pack, he’s been a valuable set of fresh eyes observing the dynamics of the studio. As part of his guiding process, he’s been taking careful notes about the interesting and insightful and hilarious things the learners say. Here are a few of his recorded quotes from the week: 

“All you have to do is not answer any of our questions.” C’s advice to Ryan on his role as guide

“More knickernoodle nookie.” -J (translation: More snickerdoodle cookie.)

“Wait wait, I want to talk… ah I forgot.” -Just about everybody during discussions

Character creations characteristics:

“He shoots rock magic balls… and his least favorite food is cardboard.” -C

“Whatever it touches turns magic.” -J describing the powers of Snowy the Phoenix

Questions We’ve Explored This Week  

  • Would you rather be in a studio where everyone is a leader or a studio where there are no leaders? What does a good leader look like to you? 
  • Would you rather have all the power but lots of responsibility or little power but also little responsibility? 

Upcoming Events

  • Our Session 6 exhibition will be held Thursday, May 11, at 10:00! Come ready to solve a mystery! 

More Fun Photos from This Week

A learner suspended in the air blue sky and white clouds above at Acton Academy.
A learner flying through the air after jumping off the swing at Acton Academy.
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