Learners at Acton Academy East Mountains sitting on the floor listening to a story.

June 2: A Full and Exciting Session

Learners at Acton Academy East Mountains private school in Cedar Crest, New Mexico playing outside in the Sandia National Forest.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Hey everyone! Just a handful of  weeks left in the year, and learners are having a pretty chill time of it. Last week, they decided on the last few dragons they’d like to slay this year (or tame, as the case may be). As they slay/tame these dragons, they get a chance to spin the wheel of fortune, a wheel filled with different spontaneous options, from “drop everything and have a dance party” to “drop everything and eat popsicles.” Let’s just say we’ve been having a lot of fun this week as they reach their goals! 

Learners from Acton Academy East Mountains on a field trip to the Botanic Gardens in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The pride parade is coming up next weekend, and learners have been putting the final touches on their plans. They’ve also been working on creating some really cool comics for our writer’s workshop project this session. With all of this going on and auditioners wandering through, it’s been a really full and exciting session! 

Questions We’ve Explored This Week  

  • How much time each day do you spend in your learning zone, and how much time do you spend in your performance zone? What would happen if you lived always in your performance zone? (Check out a really great video on these concepts here.) 
  • How much control do you believe you have over your own happiness? How do you find your purpose in the world? 
Learners at Acton Academy East Mountains private school in Cedar Crest, New Mexico playing outside with chalk and water on the sidewalk.

Upcoming Events

  • As part of our quest this session, we will be marching in the pride parade next Saturday, June 10! More details to come. 
  • Our final exhibition will be held Thursday, June 15, at 10:00 a.m. 
  • Our end-of-year camping trip in Pagosa Springs will be June 16-18!
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